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Gifting trees

Learn how to send e-cards that grow real native trees across New Zealand.

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You can support a greener, more biodiverse Aotearoa New Zealand by gifting trees through our website.

How to gift trees

Gifting trees is easy! Start the gifting process here and you’ll be guided through the process. Need an extra hand? Follow along with the steps below:

  1. Proceed to ‘Gift’

  2. Select the e-card design you’d like to be sent to your recipient

  3. Select your gifting details and preferences:

    1. Who the gift is for and who the gift is from

    2. Your message to the recipient (this will be added to the e-card)

    3. The number of trees to be planted each month

    4. Where you’d like us to send the e-card (we can send it to you to pass along or we can email it directly to them)

  4. Finally, confirm the recipient and payment details

You’ll receive an automated email with your donation receipt.

When we send the e-card to your giftee, we’ll also BCC you in on the email, so you’ll know when they receive the e-card. You can also have a peek at what they’ll receive!

What the recipients of the gift receive

Recipients of gifts receive a beautifully designed e-card with your personal message.

We have 22 card designs to choose from for all occasions. These awesome designs showcase the beauty, history and benefits of Aotearoa’s native trees.

A couple of examples:

Payment methods for gifting trees

You can pay via VISA, Mastercard or AMEX cards for gift sums less than $1000. We use Stripe to securely process debit and credit card payments through our website.

If you donate or gift more than $1000 within one transaction, you also have the option to pay via invoice as long as the date for the e-card to be sent is more than 2 weeks in the future. E-cards will not be sent until the invoice has been paid.

Minimum gift amount

With Trees That Count, your generosity plants a native tree ($10 per tree). The minimum gift/donation you can make is 1 tree ($10).

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