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Planting your donated and gifted trees
Planting your donated and gifted trees

Gain insights into the planting of your donated and gifted trees, the teams involved, and how we’ll keep you in the loop.

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Who plants trees with Trees That Count?

We support a range of planting projects nationwide. From community initiatives to schools, iwi, hapū, whānau efforts, farms, and local councils. These projects are vital for restoring our biodiversity, protecting our waterways and educating young generations.

Each project is thoroughly assessed by our team to ensure we’re providing trees to those that know what they’re doing.

When will I know where my tree will be planted?

Once we’ve matched your donation or gift with a planting project, we'll email you with an update on where it’s being planted and by who. The email will also contain a link so you can learn more about their project.

When will my trees get planted?

The amount of time it takes from when you donate or gift to when the plant takes root depends on the time of year. Planting season in Aotearoa New Zealand runs from March through to October but varies for different regions.

Will my trees get planted in my preferred location?

We'll do our best to allocate your donation to planting projects in your preferred location. In some cases, donations may go towards other locations that have a greater need. Rest assured that your support will lead towards a greener, more biodiverse Aotearoa New Zealand. And we’ll always let you know where they find their roots.

Can I visit the tree/s that I donate or gift?

We're thrilled that you're interested in seeing the impact of your generosity firsthand! However, many trees find their roots on private, protected or precarious lands. We're unable to grant direct access to planting sites but you can get clued-up via our projects page.

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