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Bulk gifting: Gifting to more than 10 people at once
Bulk gifting: Gifting to more than 10 people at once

Sending to the whole office, clients or your community? Bulk gifting is the speediest way to send e-cards to multiple recipients at once.

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Bulk gifting is the best way to complete your big gifting tasks in one go. For business or personal use, our bulk gift template allows you to send gifts to your clients, employees, colleagues or community, in one transaction. Let's run you through it.

How to gift trees in bulk

​1) Log in or register

You'll need to be registered on our website to use bulk gifting. Not sure how to register? We can help. Unsure if you already have an account? email [email protected].

Once you're registered and logged in, you're ready to go.

2) Select "Send gifts in bulk"

Use our website's navigation bar, "Take Action" > "Gifting" > "Send gifts in bulk".

3) Download the bulk order template.

Select "download template" to begin download.

Once opened, it will look something like this:

Note - If using Windows, this template will open in Excel. lf using MacOS, the document will open in Numbers. Either is fine.

4) Fill out the template.

For each recipient, please include:

  • Number of trees you’d like to gift.

  • Their email address.

  • To

  • From

  • Message of up to 150 characters. Please note – any formatting (e.g. line breaks, bullets lists, bold) won’t be applied.

5) Save as .csv file

Once complete, please ensure template is saved as a .csv type format, preferably a CSV UTF-8 (comma delimited).

Note - If using MacOS, double-check file doesn't save in .numbers format.

Please note that our system will not like the Firefox browser, you will need to use Chrome or Edge.

6) Select e-card design

Now, the fun bit! Return to our website and select your favourite e-card design.

Note - Filter by category or view each page, there are 21 gorgeous e-card designs to choose from.

7) Tailor how you send e-cards

Whether you'd like to send e-cards directly to recipients or to yourself, instantly or at a later date, the choice is yours.

Note - if you wish to pay by invoice, this option is only available for gifts to be sent in two or more days from date of order and/or the total invoice amount is over $1,000.

Select Next >

8) Upload completed template

Now, upload your saved template by selecting "Upload CSV".

Once located, select file. A progress bar will load as details are retrieved. If there are no errors in the template, the upload bar will complete and number of recipients will show.

Note - You have the option of reloading the .csv file if you've chosen the incorrect one.

9) Error messages (No errors? Move to 10)

Received an error message? If there are any errors in the uploaded template, they will be listed. They'll look something like this:

Don't worry - it's an easy fix.

Select < Back.

Return to saved .csv file, action any errors as per your error messages, resave the file (again, as a .csv file), and re-upload.

10) Confirm and review

Once uploaded with no error messages, select Next >

You'll then have the option to check and confirm all details.

If correct, select Next >

or if you'd like to make changes, you can.

You're able to change:

  • the scheduled delivery time

  • the destination email for e-card

  • E-card details, including messages (using drop-down arrows).

Once happy, select Save changes.

Next >

11) Payment by card

This screen shows a summary of your e-card order:

  • number of trees

  • price per tree

  • number of recipients

  • amount to pay

Please ensure that the "Full name" field is correct for your receipt purposes. If you're a business, you may wish to use your business name here.

Double-check sender "Email address" is correct. This is where we'll send your receipt.

Add your credit card details for payment.

Select Make payment >

12) Paying by invoice

If your amount to pay is over $1,000 you will have the option to pay by invoice.

Please note, that you will also need to have set the e-cards to be sent two days from ordering them.

Add full name and email address. If you're a business, you may wish to use your business name here.

Then, your billing/physical address (for the invoice).

Once payment is received, Trees That Count will trigger delivery of your e-cards.

13) Thank you!

Hurray! Your e-cards are on their way. Your native trees will be planted soon.

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