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One-off donations

Learn how to make one-off donations with Trees That Count.

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You can support a greener, more biodiverse Aotearoa New Zealand by making a one-off donation through our website anytime.

How to make a one-off donation

Making a one-off donation is super easy. Start by clicking here - you’ll be guided through the process. Need an extra hand? Follow along with the steps below:

  1. Select to ‘Donate’ (the ‘One-off’ donation option will be selected by default)

  2. Select your donation preferences:

    1. The number of trees to be planted

    2. Your preferred planting location for your trees

    3. If you like, leave an optional message for your donation

  3. Finally, confirm your payment details to finalise the donation

Once the donation has been processed, you’ll receive an automated email with your donation receipt.

Making a one-off donation on behalf of someone else

Thinking of donating a tree on behalf of someone special? You have a couple of options.

  1. You can make the one-off donation and then pay tribute within your optional donation message. It’s a great way to show and share with others.

  2. You can gift a tree. When you gift a tree, the recipient receives an e-card. They’ll also be kept in the loop as to when and where the tree/s are planted. Learn more about gifting trees.

Payment methods for one-off donations

If you are donating less than $1000 within one transaction, you can pay via VISA or Mastercards. We use Stripe to securely process debit and credit card payments through our website.

If you donate more than $1000 within one transaction, you also have the option to pay via invoice. You’ll receive the invoice via email and be able to download this from within your Trees That Count account.

Minimum one-off donation amount

With Trees That Count, your donation plants a native tree ($10 per tree). The minimum donation you can make is 1 tree ($10).

There is no maximum donation you can make in one go. If you donate 101 trees or more within one transaction, we’re able to offer a volume discount ($9.75 per tree).

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