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Hawke's Bay - Regional Information from Trees That Count
Hawke's Bay - Regional Information from Trees That Count
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Little remains of the original forests of Hawkes Bay, with its naturally fertile soils being cleared for agriculture and settlement from pre European times.

Forest remnants are scattered throughout the region, predominantly on private land, and are small and fragmented. Augmenting these fragments with restoration projects is important for the future resilience and biodiversity of the province. There is definitely increased interest in riparian fencing and native species planting in the region from landowners and managers of a range of large and small properties.

Choosing the right trees

Commonly used coloniser and re- vegetation tree species for the region:

  • Tī Kōuka (Cordyline australis)

  • Kānuka (Kunzea ericoides)

  • Mānuka (Leptospemum scoparium)

  • Karamū (Coprosma robusta)

  • Kōhūhū (Pittosporum tenuifolium)

  • Tarata (Pittosporum eugenioides)

  • Koromiko (Hebe stricta)

  • Mānatu (Plagianthus regius)

  • Houhere (Hoheria sextylosa)

  • Ngaio (Myoporum laetum)

  • Coastal Tree Daisy (Olearia solandri)

  • Tōtara (Podocarpus totara)

  • Kōwhai (Sophora tetraptera)

Every site will have its own requirements. It can take a few seasons to learn what works well, and every season will be different so be prepared for experiential learning too!

Sourcing your trees

Here’s a list of local nurseries who can help with eco-sourced plants:

  • Gisborne: Native Garden Nursery

  • Waiohiki: Plant Hawke’s Bay

  • Napier: Midland Horticulture

  • Wairoa: Re:Generation Native Trees

  • Hastings: The Garden Depot

  • Otane: Tree Guys Nursery

  • Waimarama: Waimarama Native Plant Nursery (for orders of over 200 trees email [email protected])

  • Women’s Native Tree Project Trust

  • Ongaonga: Roadside Native Plants

Preparing your site for planting

Planning ahead and preparing your site before planting is important. Each site is different and may have different challenges. You should be aware of what they are and prepare accordingly.

Some resources to assist you in your planning:

Contact us : [email protected]

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